Special Education

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Child Find

Child Find is a process designed to locate children birth to 21, with a suspected disability to evaluate and identify a need for special education and related services.

The Skykomish School District conducts specific activities for the purposes of locating, evaluating and identifying students ages birth to twenty-one with suspected disabilities and who reside within the district’s boundaries. This includes students attending private schools. Approximately ten to fifteen percent of all children have a disability which hinders their educational development. Early identification of disabilities assists parents, students and schools in the design of appropriate educational services.

If your child is in school and you believe a disability may impair his or her educational performance, please contact the principal at your child’s neighborhood school or the Director of Special Services at 360-677-2623.

If you have a concern about the way your child speaks, hears, sees, moves or interacts with family members and his or her environment, call Skykomish School District to schedule a free Child Find screening.

picture of student with rocket backpack

Title I/LAP

Title I, Part A is a federal program that serves the unique needs of children — kindergarten to grade 12 — who struggle to learn. Title I programs and services provide customized instruction and curricula that helps these students meet academic standards and take an active, engaged interest in what they learn and can do. As the oldest and largest federal education program, Title I programs build equity of opportunity for children whose struggles often keep them on the academic sidelines.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP) serves eligible students who need academic support for reading, writing and math, or who need readiness skills to learn these core subjects. With special emphasis on reading literacy in the early grades, schools use their state LAP funds to deliver supplemental services that give these students the strong start they need for academic success.

Skykomish School District participates in both the Title I, Part A and LAP programs, offering services for our students during the school day, in the after school program, and in our summer school.  Our Title I and LAP programs focus primarily on grades K-4, providing assistance to those students in higher grades needing reading and math support.

For further information regarding our Title I, Part A and LAP programs, please contact Sonia Bartosek, Title I/LAP Director, any time.  During school hours, Mrs. Bartosek can be reached at 360-677-2623, ext. 201.